Skylark doesn't change my thermostat when I leave or arrive home

There are a few scenarios where Skylark will not trigger when it otherwise would. For instance:

1. You are a Verizon customer and you're on the phone. Skylark will not be able to contact your Nest because data isn't available during a phone call. 

2. You don't have reliable cell coverage.

3. You've disabled WiFi on your phone and as a result iOS Location Services are not accurate.

4. Your home location is not accurately placed on the Skylark location map.

To help mitigate these issues:

1. Verify WiFi is enabled

2. Verify your home location is set correctly on the map in Skylark Settings.

3. Confirm that you are running the latest version of Skylark by visiting the App Store and checking for any available updates.

If you are still experiencing the issue, follow this procedure to "reset" your app state:

1. In Skylark’s settings, choose Account and Sign Off. This should bring you to the login screen. 

2. Force kill the app by double tapping home button and swiping up on Skylark. 

3. Re-open Skylark, make sure it is still asking you to login. 

4. In iOS settings, disable location services for the Skylark app. Return to the app and it should say location services are disabled for Skylark. 

5. Delete the Skylark app from your device and hard shutdown your phone (press and hold home and power button at the same time for 10 seconds) 

6. Boot your phone then re-download and install Skylark from the AppStore. Sign in and complete the configuration steps.

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