Skylark is changing my thermostat when I'm not near my home

Skylark uses iOS location services to know when to change your thermostat. Sometimes iOS thinks it's somewhere that it isn't, and provides Skylark bad location information. 

We suggest the two following remedies.

Enable WiFi

We've found that the location provided can be extremely inaccurate and can cause issues in Skylark if WiFi has been disabled on your phone. 

To verify that WiFi is enabled on your device, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the Control Center. Then, make sure that the WiFi icon is enabled.

Alternatively, go to SettingsWi-Fi, and verify that the Wi-Fi slider is turned on.

Enable the "Home WiFi Network" in Skylark

Even with WiFi enabled, iOS can get location wrong. Skylark has a setting called "Home WiFi Network" that lets you designate the WiFi network that your device connects to while at home. If Skylark sees that you're connected to this network, it won't set you to away, no matter what iOS tells us about your location.

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