Skylark is stuck in Guest Mode, and won't resume controlling my Home/Away Status

This issue appears to be resolved in Skylark v3.2.3, which you can download right now from the App Store!

This seems to be a new issue that's popped up recently, and we're actively investigating it. In the meantime, you can get back out of Guest Mode via the following temporary workaround:
  • Visit the Guest Mode screen, and activate it for 30 minutes
  • Now cancel Guest Mode
Skylark should resume correctly updating your Home/Away status.

If, after trying this approach, you continue experiencing this issue, please send us a note at, and let us know the following:
  • What model iPhone you have
  • What version of iOS you're running
  • Did you do anything specific prior to experiencing this issue?
  • Attach a screenshot of any error messages you're seeing
This info is super-helpful for us to have while we investigate. Thanks in advance for your help and patience!

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