My Nest doesn't respond when Skylark changes my Home/Away status

This behavior (or rather the lack of it) on the part of your Nest thermostat usually means that while Skylark is correctly changing your Home/Away status, but something is preventing your Nest from changing status, or overriding it.

There are a couple of things that commonly cause this.

High seasonal use

[UPDATE DEC 26TH, 2017] We're currently experiencing high seasonal usage, which is causing some users' Nests to intermittently lose the connection to Skylark. We're working on this, but please let us know if you continue to experience problems past Jan 1st, 2018 - Thanks for your patience!

There's an old value cached in your Nest thermostat

This issue has popped up for some Skylark users since Nest's recent update in November 2016 - fear not, though, here's an effective help article that addresses this issue (hint: have you tried turning your Nest off, then on again?) ;) 

A Manual Schedule in your Nest is overriding your status

Since Nest's November update, Manual Schedules are frequently overriding whatever status your Nest is put into via Skylark. In cases like this, we recommend you clear all manual schedules off your Nest, since Skylark can now control this based on whether or not you're home. Here's a link from Nest's support forum on how to clear a Manual Schedule

Tried both of these articles and still having problems? We've got your back - just send us a note!

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