Skylark stopped working after I updated my Nest thermostat

Sometimes, when Nest releases a software update for their devices, it can cache some out-of-date values, which interferes with Skylark's ability to control it. But fear not! This issue can often be resolved by taking the following steps:

1. Reboot your Nest thermostat: Hold down the Nest Thermostat ring for 10 seconds, or until the screen turns off. The thermostat is now shut down. Press and release the ring to turn it back on and complete the restart process, You'll see a blinking green light underneath the Nest logo as it boots up.

2. Change Home/Away Assist settings: Once your Nest has finished rebooting, open up the Nest Home app on your iOS device, select your home location and bring up the Home/Away Assist settings.

Toggle to the Away view, and switch your Nest thermostat to "Eco" when you're out:

3. Deactivate device location awareness: Click on "What decides if you're home", and switch "Use mobile phone location" to No. Then find your thermostat in the list of products and also toggle it to "No". Since Skylark takes care of telling your thermostat whether or not you're home, these device options should be deactivated, so they don't interfere with commands from Skylark.

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